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      The Doma Group

      Unit 4/3 Sydney Avenue Barton ACT 2600

      The Doma Group is a Canberra based group of family owned companies that began in 1974 as residential home builders. Since that time, the strength of the Doma Group has grown rapidly with a concentration on multi-unit residential development and commercial office construction in the ACT.

      The financial strength of the Doma Group was initially delivered through the retention of some of the multi-unit sites as investments. With the residential property portfolio underpinning the Doma Group, some diversification was undertaken with the Group making significant investment in the local hospitality market and then the commercial office market.

      The Doma Group is now recognised as one of the largest multi-unit development and construction companies in the ACT, the largest private hotelier in the ACT and a significant participant in the Barton, Civic and Woden commercial property market. Having recently expanded into the New South Wales with the purchase and refurbishment of licensed hotels, each of which have further development potential.