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      About Us

      Our mission is to radically simplify office search.

      Our Experience

      With deep experience in disruptive technology and international property portal experience spanning 5 countries, the JAGONAL team is composed of experienced entrepreneurs and alumni of the REA-Group who are passionate about bringing technologies to the property market that disrupt the status quo.

      The Opportunity

      We see an opportunity to radically update the technology for searching, sorting and filtering through thousands of irrelevant listings in the classifieds space to find the listings that do matter. Real estate portals haven’t changed since the 1990’s - they are essentially digitized newspaper classifieds with a rudimentary search engine. Commercial real-estate search, in particular, is a complex business that has suffered the most from a lack of innovation; property portals have simply retrofitted their residential sites for commercial real estate.

      The Future of Commercial Property Search

      JAGONAL has been built from the ground up with the understanding that finding an office is much more than a decision about price, size and location. It’s about promoting the core essentials that attract and retain talent - JAGONAL allows you to search by 50+ different popular office features such as: childcare, bike racks, showers, indoor gardens, and gyms. We also know that the office space landscape is evolving towards smaller agile spaces, so we have developed the product and the pricing model to be aligned for all types of offices, be they big, small. Most of all we are passionate about technologies that make it simpler and faster for users to find their ideal office, arrange an inspection and sign the deal.

      The Future of Commercial Property Marketing

      For the real estate agent and building owner, JAGONAL provides long-overdue ways to showcase their offices for rent, for sale, strata, sub-lease and other configurations. A single office space or large building vacancy can be sub-divided in the JAGONAL search into 20+ different configurations and be advertised differently to serve multiple tenant needs. JAGONAL has also created industry-first digital stack plans that will highlight the advantages of your asset over others. We built JAGONAL to push the boundaries of new technology, tap into Big Data opportunities in the commercial property industry and showcase the future of online property search for end users and owners.

      JAGONAL has international and US patents pending for its 3D and Smart Search technology that can be used to disrupt not just real estate search, but other classifieds businesses such as travel, cars and jobs.

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      The Executive Team

      The JAGONAL team is composed of several REA – Group (ASX:REA) alumni. REA Group is the owner of brands like realcommercial.com.au, realestate.com.au, casa.it and is a significant shareholder of US property site move.com and also iProperty Group (ASX: IPP), a leader in the property search in Asia with operations in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines and India.