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      Extra Small Office Sydney 0-50 sqm

      Extra small office space (0-50 sqm) Are you looking for a home for your small team? Perhaps you’re a plucky start up or a one man band? Don’t waste dollars on space you simply don’t need. JAGONAL can help you find the perfect extra small office for rent – be it a sublease, co-working space or serviced office.

      1.     You’re not paying for square meterage that you won’t use.
      2.     Sharing a floor with other businesses leads to networking opportunities.
      3.     Very small offices are cosy and promote team bonding.


      1.     Very small offices can become cluttered at an alarming rate.
      2.     Swinging a cat is impossible.
      3.     Small office space can be difficult to locate because the mainstream commercial real estate industry is not interested in promoting them.

      Have look at the fabulous range of spaces suitable for a team of 1 to 5 people. 
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