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      Rent or Lease a Medium office (251 to 700 sqm)

      Medium office (251 to 700 sqm) Renting commercial real estate for a team of 25 to 70 people is no easy task. You’ll need sophisticated amenities like kitchen spaces, break out areas and end of trip facilities to keep your workforce happy. Clients will expect your office environment to reflect your professionalism so well presented reception and meeting spaces are a must.


      1.     You’ll be stepping up to the next level in terms of presentation and professionalism.
      2.     A slightly larger office space works wonders for your corporate image. It gives clients the impression that you’re here to stay.
      3.     Renting medium sized office space gives you access to better facilities and amenities which will no doubt make your staff happy.


      1.     Tenant demand for office space in the 250 to 700 sqm range is growing rapidly. This section of the commercial real estate market is becoming increasingly competitive.
      2.     Are you ready to commit to a longer term lease? You need to be confident of your business’s future stability.
      3.     Depending on your growth profile you might be paying for space you don’t need. Use JAGONAL to upgrade to a medium sized office (251 to 700 sqm).
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