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      Rent or Lease a Small Office (51-250 sqm)

      Small office (51-250 sqm) Is your small business experiencing a growth spurt? You’re going to need space for new staff, meeting rooms and perhaps even a reception to give your corporate image that little bit of extra polish.


      1.     Renting a small office gives your emerging business a little extra room to grow.
      2.     There is often the opportunity to share facilities with neighbouring businesses.
      3.     You team will still experience ‘togetherness’.


      1.     Cat swinging whilst possible is still difficult.
      2.     Spaces under 500 sqm are difficult to locate in conventional commercial real estate markets.
      3.     You’ll be able to fit more staff into a 51-250 sqm space but accommodating their equipment as well is challenging.

      JAGONAL can help you uncover a fantastic space for your team of 5 to 25 staff.
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