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      Rent an office with parking

      Office with parking Public transport is great but it can’t always be relied upon. On the other hand finding a place to park in Australian cities is becoming increasingly difficult and costly. If your staff are regularly on the road or if you value the convenience of driving to work, renting an office with car parking is a no brainer.


      1.     A car is essential if you work involves visiting clients and suppliers regularly.
      2.     Driving your own car to work is the ultimate in convenience
      3.     New apps like Divvy let you earn extra income by renting unused car spaces.


      1.     Renting commercial real estate with car parking comes at a price premium.
      2.     Encouraging staff to drive to work every day is not environmentally sound.
      3.     Your Mazda 2 won’t look so good next to the rows of BMW’s Mercedes and Porches in your building car park.

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