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      Lease or Rent a Creative Office or Warehouse Office

      Creative office - If you’re in a creative field a boring, conservative office won’t do. Upgrade to funky digs with a fabulous fresh fit out. Show your clients that creativity is in your DNA and keep your staff inspired.


      1.     Leasing commercial real estate with novel fit outs and features can help you position yourself as an employer of choice. Look no further than Google with its dedicated nap spaces, hammocks and gaming rooms.
      2.     Renting a unique office contributes to your brand story. For example SEEK Melbourne’s famous in-house slide encapsulates the brand’s fun, innovative and adventurous spirit.
      3.     A fun office is a productive one. Renting an office that workers enjoy means they are likely to spend more time on the job.

      1.     Fashion is fickle. What is considered the height of cool today will probably be sneered at in five years’ time. Keeping your funky fit out up to date is costly.
      2.     Some of the more adventurous features currently in vogue like slides bring their own OH&S concerns.
      3.     Workers might be tempted to spend too much time in your funky nap rooms and break out spaces rather than at their desks.

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