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      Rent or lease a legal style office

      Legal style office Are you looking to rent an office for your legal practice? When it comes to finding office space the legal profession has its own set of unique requirements. Legal offices should have close proximity to court facilities. Secondly they need dedicated library and document storage space. They also need areas where lawyers can meet and discuss sensitive matters with clients.


      1.     Renting a commercial real estate with a traditional legal fitout projects a certain gravitas which is reassuring to many clients.
      2.     Many legal professionals prefer their own ‘corner office’ as opposed to working in a ‘cubicle farm’.
      3.     Despite changing technologies legal offices still require library space.

      1.     Changing technologies mean that much of the legal process is being brought online. This means that legal practices need less storage space than they did in the past.
      2.     A non-traditional open plan office promotes more efficient work flows between lawyers, paralegals and support staff. Many forward thinking legal practices prefer this more contemporary layout.
      3.     Gen Y workers may not enjoy the ‘stuffy’ conservative environment of an old school legal fitout. Find a legal office that matches your brief on JAGONAL.
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