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      Rent or Lease a Large office (700+ sqm)

      Is your business part of the big end of town? Perhaps you need to rent an entire building floor or contiguous floors? JAGONAL showcases a range of expansive office spaces to suit the requirements of larger corporations. Search for the perfect floor plan in a building with all the facilities and conveniences your thriving enterprise needs.


      1.     Renting out larger spaces is the bread and butter of tenant reps and commercial real estate agents. You’ll have no shortage of professional assistance finding the right place.
      2.     Larger commercial real estate deals often go hand in hand with generous incentives like new fit outs and rent free periods. 3.     Large offices usually come with fantastic amenities.


      1.     Cost, cost and cost – it’s not just the rent, it’s the maintenance and power bills.
      2.     You may be paying for surplus space.
      3.     Larger spaces correlate to longer term leases. You could be locking your business in for ten to fifteen years.
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