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      Rent or Lease a Serviced Office

      Tried co-working but need to step up to the next level of professionalism? Renting a serviced office could be answer. Served offices are an increasingly important part of the commercial real estate scene.  In general they project a more conservative, polished image than co-working spaces. Small teams can access dedicated desk space and top notch facilities and services without the restriction of a long term lease. 

      1.     Renting a serviced office gives growing businesses access to sleek professional surrounds and top tier facilities that they could otherwise not afford. 
      2.     The reception services give small companies a ‘bigger image’. 
      3.     Serviced offices are generally more comfortably and quieter than co-working spaces. 

      1.     Monthly charges for ancillary services like phone and internet can mount up. 
      2.     Serviced offices become cost ineffective when your team starts growing. 
      3.     The lease contracts can be complex and may contain hidden costs. Use JAGONAL to check out the serviced offices available in your area.
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