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      Rent a Sustainable Green Office

      Sustainable ‘green’ office Sustainability is no longer just the catch cry of placard waving hippies – it has a real impact on economic performance. Renting a ‘sustainable’ office is a win/win scenario. It will save your business thousands in power and water overheads. Plus being a responsible corporate citizen does your brand image no end of good. Help the planet and your bottom line at the same time.


      1.     Renting environmentally friendly commercial real estate will substantially reduce your power bills.
      2.     Sustainable business practices will increasingly be enshrined in law so renting ‘green’ office space helps future proof your business against legislative changes.
      3.     The millennials on your team will like totes respect your on fleek corporate ethos dude.


      1.     Sustainable design is a relatively new trend in commercial real estate so choice is limited.
      2.     The cost of making a building ‘green’ is passed on to tenants in higher rentals.
      3.     Some green buildings rely on automated systems – such as lights and aircon that turn themselves off. This is potentially frustrating and inconvenient for tenants.

      Look for commercial real estate with strong environment credentials on JAGONAL. 
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