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      Rent an office with bike racks and bike parking

      Lycra is the new black. Cycling to work is growing ever more popular. Urbane office workers love getting on their bikes to keep fit and beat the city traffic. Many progressive corporate tenants now value bike racks above car parking spaces. It’s little wonder that trip facilities are the latest trend in commercial real estate. So keep ahead of the bunch by renting an office with bike racks and end of trip facilities.


      1.     Staff will appreciate your commitment to encouraging a healthy lifestyle.
      2.     Workers who exercise are more focused and productive.
      3.     Bike racks will help bolster your environmental credentials and ergo corporate image


      1.     Middle aged men in lycra.
      2.     Water cooler conversations will be about tyre width, aero dynamic helmet design and the Tour de France instead of the football.
      3.     Did I mention middle aged men in lycra?

       JAGONAL can help you find commercial real estate with bike racks and end of trip facilities.  
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