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      Rent or lease an office with child care

      Office with childcare Face it - working parents need all the help they can get. Around 60% of families with children under 5 years of age have two parents in paid employment. This significant segment of the workforce needs to access good quality childcare. Renting an office with childcare facilities will save the working parents on your team precious time when it comes to pick- ups and drop offs. Making life easier for working parents ultimately makes good business sense. It improves their productivity and builds loyalty.


      1.     Proximity to good quality childcare will help your business attract and retain talented working parents, particularly working mothers.
      2.     Renting commercial real estate with onsite child care saves the working parents on your team a great deal of time and stress.
      3.     Demonstrates that your business is serious about equal opportunity.


      1.     There’s a strong chance that staff will bring their kids into the office.
      2.     Having their children close by might be distracting for some workers.
      3.     Commercial real estate with onsite childcare comes at premium rentals. However it is often worth it in terms of staff retention and productivity.

      JAGONAL can give you a short list of vacant office space with onsite childcare facilities in your preferred location.
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