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      Lease or Rent an Office with Showers

      Offices with showers

      The workplace is all about survival of the fittest. If your staff love breaking out their active wear for a gym session or a run at lunch time renting an office or commercial real estate with showers is essential. Your team will literally be a lean clean fighting machine.


      1. Your investment in work/life balance will help your business attract and retain talent.
      2. Fit staff are productive staff.
      3. Your office will smell pleasant at all times.


      1. Some staff might like to sing in the shower which could be disconcerting.
      2. The hot water bill. Offset this by renting a sustainable office.
      3. The bathrooms could become crowded - particularly on Friday evenings.

      Use JAGONAL to check out commercial real estate in your area with showers and other great amenities.
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